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    Wholesale Stores

    The term wholesale can refer to any business as it does not only point toward grocery outlets but anything that can be sold in bulk. What makes this site so special is that it saves you time on the net in search of a specific requirement. For example, a person who is involved in fashion will be interested in finding a fabric store that contains certain materials.Instead of typing different terms on their search engine, they could simply visit this website and browse around the different stores available in their area. A person who is throwing a house party could be low on funds and could be interested in finding the cheapest alcoholic drinks around, even if it means obtaining unfamiliar unbranded items and driving 50km away. If it is going to save him or her money, why not phone the presented stores and find the best deals around.


    Here are the following categories for our displayed stores:

    Liquor stores– Perfect for events and club owners.
    Stationery stores– Great for back to school and office supplies.
    Kitchenware stores– Ideal for home and restaurant owners.
    Hardware stores– Excellent option sources for builders and architects.
    Clothing stores– Model solutions for fashion designers and clothing outlets

    Businesses involved in distribution, manufacturing and importing can greatly benefit from this website. The database of outlets will allow these businesses to get a hold of these listed South African wholesalers and offer them better deals or even newer products for their shelves. This is yet another great reason to list your business in our directory as you might be able to acquire stock at cheaper rates from importers and distributors.

    For wholesalers, you can always determine what your competition is up to and compare prices. You can examine their marketing strategies and copy them to help benefit your store by gaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Again you can use this site to place certain promotions on at certain times to avoid clashing with other big stores.

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